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As announced on Kolor forum, I finally decided to stop the developement of Papywizard. It means there won't be new major releases, but I will still help users, and developers who want to write new plugins. I may also make minor updates, according to my free time.


Papywizard (Panoramic python Wizard) is a free panohead control software, mainly developed for the Merlin/Orion astronomic mount, but usable for other panoheads with small effort.

The project started on the Autopano forum, where someone has bring the idea to use an astronomic mount for panoramic shots. The very low price of the Merlin/Orion mount made it the perfect candidate. The only things to do were an electronic interface, and a little software to drive it!

Papywizard is entirely written in python and developed under gnu/linux; it successfully runs on gnu/linux, Maemo (Nokia), Windows, MacOS and Openmoko.

This project is developed in collaboration with Kolor company, which develops Autopano Pro/Giga/Server, a great stitcher softwares suite. Thanks to Alexandre and his team for their support!

Papywizard is not a commercial project: I develop it on my free time, because it is fun. So, I don't make support for professional usage. This does not mean that it can't be used by pro photographers, but be aware that things can go wrong while shooting, and neither my responsability, nor Kolor one, can be engaged is such case.

Note: the 1.6.1 stable release is the last one of the 1.x branch. Papywizard as reached a level I never expected; thanks to all users and contributors! But there are still many things we can do with such project, and Papywizard needed a deep code review to implement them in a correct way. So, here it is the version 2. The first step was to switch from !PyGTK to PyQt toolkit. This dropped the support for the Nokia 770, which don't run Qt/PyQt (no problem for the N800/N810), but added support for other platforms, including MacOS.

The Papywizard team

Developed with:


Latest news

  • 2017-02: github -> framagit migration
  • 2013-12: svn -> git migration
  • 2010-02: debian/ubuntu packages are available. Finally!
  • 2010-02: support of GigaPanBot head (with custom firmware)
  • 2010-01: Vincen successfully installed Papywizard on a Neo FreeRunner running QX :o)
  • 2009-08: Nokia has just released a first version of PySide, a new python/Qt binding. PySide API is compatible with PyQt, so I could easily make Papywizard work with it. There is still a bug (more a missing feature) in this new binding, so I can't release a fully operationnal version of Papywizard, but it is very promising. The main goal will be to run Papywizard on Maemo 5, the OS running on the N900. Stay tuned!
  • 2009-05: plugins now fully operationnal (>= 2.1.5)
  • 2009-04: first plugin implementation in version 2.1.1.
  • 2009-03: version 2.0.0 is out! This is the first stable release of the branch 2.x, using PyQt. This release does not add many new features to 1.x branch, but developement will now be easier.
  • 2009-03: Papywizard 1.9 now runs on MacOS (10.5 only for now). Thanks to Jeremy!
  • 2009-01: first dev. release (1.9.0) using PyQt. This is the 1.6.0 version using PyQt instead of PyGtk (graphical shooting area missing). New features will come later.
  • 2009-01: version 1.6.0 is out. Introduce a simple timer/intervalometer feature, and alternate shooting view. This is the last release of the 1.x branch; time to start v2 ;o)
  • 2008-11: Bluetooth now works under Windows!
  • 2008-11: version 1.4.0 is out. Main improvements are FOV and number of pictures as input params, preview positions in shooting dialog, and rewind/forward shooting feature.
  • 2008-11: version 1.2.0 is out. A lot of improvements for this release (custom user presets, Windows installer...).
  • 2008-10: Openmoko seems a good candidate, as Papywizard runs on it out-of-the-box (simulation mode). More tests to come.
  • 2008-09: Papywizard runs again under Windows (svn version), except for bluetooth. Hope to fix this soon.
  • 2008-09: version 1.0 is out!


All Papywizard files and documents are released under CeCILL, a french free license, based on and compatible with GPL.

You can read the complete text of the license here.


Cf this page.



See this page.


Use the forums for questions, bugs reports, or to ask for new features.


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Main developement

  • Frédéric Mantegazza (aka fma38 on APP forums)


  • Jeremy Pronk (aka jeremyp on APP forums) -- MacOS packaging
  • Jones Henry Subbiah (aka sjhenry on APP forums) -- EOS Utility plugin developement
  • Lee Jeongyun (aka jeongyun on APP forums) -- Gphoto Bracket plugin developement
  • Hubert Pawlowski (aka hub on APP forums) -- Icon design


  • Jo Lutum (aka Paul on APP forums) -- German
  • Maciej Dworak (aka DrSlony on APP forums) -- Polish
  • Antonio Bruno (aka AmdAntonio on APP forums) -- Italian
  • Juan Carlos Andres (aka joni on APP forums) -- Spanish
  • Vaclav Cerny (aka vatoz on APP forums) -- Czech


  • Andrew Stephens (aka mediavets on APP forums) -- Beta tester
  • Claude Vanhemmens (aka claudevh on APP forums) -- Beta tester and Merlin interface developer


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