papywizard FAQ


What does Papywizard mean?

Papywizard stand for Panoramic python wizard.

What is a motorized head for?

Is my camera supported?


What device can I use?

Papywizard is mainly developped for Nokia 770/N800/N810 devices. The 770 is an old discontinued product, but can be found on ebay for less than 75€. The installation of that device is a little more complicated than on others, as it needs to be flashed with a new firmeware, but its design is much better. On the other hand, N800/N810 are faster, simpler to configure, but more expensive.

For a complete description of how to configure these devices, see this Autopano wiki page

Bluetooth does not work under Windows

Bluetooth support through pybluez is limited; only Windows and Broadcom stacks are supported. So, if your device comes with Toshiba or Bluesoleil stack, first remove it, and let Windows install its drivers. It should then work.

How can I change the look'n'feel?

It is possible to globaly change the application look'n'feel using the GTK styles. See UserGuideSvn.


Error related to configuration

It may happen that the configuration file can't be updated while installing a new version, especially when you use dev. release. If Papywizard can't start, and report an error related to the configuration, you need to remove the config. file:

  • C:\\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\papywizard\papywizard.conf¹ under Windows
  • ~/.config/papywizard/papywizard.conf under linux
  • /home/user/.config/papywizard/papywizard.conf under maemo

¹: you have to configure the Windows Explorater so it shows you system files and directories.

HardwareError: Axis n can't send command

Papywizard can't correctly communicate with the head. Solutions:

  • check if the head is switched on
  • if using serial driver, be sure to use the correct port
  • if using a bluetooth-to-serial converter, don't forget to configure its baudrate to 9600 for the Merlin/Orion? head

If it still doesn't work, do the following steps:

  • connect your RS2S2-TTL interface to the Merlin/Orion? head and the original remote controller
  • launch hyperterminal on the PC (either via serial link, or using a BT converter)¹
  • configure a new connexion with params 9600-8N1. Then open the "File > Properties" dialog. In the "Parameters" tab, click on the "ASCII Configuration" button, and activate the first switch of the "ASCII Receive" part ("Add end of line at each new input line", or something like that)
  • launch the connexion
  • switch on the Merlin/Orion? head

¹ Under linux, just start minicom.

You should see the communication:


If you don't, then there is a at least a problem on the receive sens. Check the cable between the head and the interface. Once you can see the dialog, try again with Papywizard. If it still does not work, then the problem is on the sending sens. Check again the cable!

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