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Papywizard is written in python/Qt (PyQt). It is used through a graphical interface, which allows to modify all parameters ; there is no need to edit any file to use Papywizard.


  • Mosaic mode (partial panos, high resolution or not)
    • Pano is setup by its corners, the number of pictures or the total field of view
    • Selectable moving direction
  • Preset mode (full spherical panos)
    • User presets loading
  • Real-time display of head position and shots
    • Suspend/resume
    • Step-by-step mode
    • Forward/backward moving during shooting
  • Camera parameters fully adjustable
    • Orientation (portrait/landscape)
    • ratio, size and résolution of sensor
    • lockup mirror
    • Lenght of the tirggering shutter pulse
    • Support of rectilinear and fisheye lenses
    • Bracketing
  • Stabilisation to avoid vibrations
  • Final pano size automatically computed
  • Simple timer
  • Editable user data (date, GPS...)
  • Xml data file (for Autpano Pro import filter)
    • Possibility to convert a data file to a preset template (via web interface)
  • Can be used without hardware (simulation mode)
  • GUI fully customizable through CSS
  • Log level

Supported hardware

Since 2.1.5 release, Papywizard uses a plugins system to drive the hardware, and so can support different kind of panoheads and tethered shooting programs. If you hardware/software is not yet supported, feel free to contact me on the Autopano Pro fprums.

Panoramic heads

Tethered shooting programs


  • Serial
  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet

Supported plateforms

Every plateform supporting PyQt (>= 4.4) can run Papywizard. This includes:

  • Linux
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • MacOS -- 10.5 (branch 2.x only)
  • Nokia maemo -- Internet tablets 700 et N8x0
  • Openmoko -- Neo FreeRunner (branch 1.x only)

Unsupported plateforms

For the same reasons, these plateforms are not - and will probably never be - supported:

  • iPhone
  • PDA
  • Palm
  • Cell phones
  • Play stations
  • Amstrad
  • ZX81
  • Washing machines
  • ...