Installation guide

This installation guide refers to the stable release of Papywizard.


Papywizard is entirely written in python, and uses some third-party modules:

  • PyGTK -- GTK+ for Python (for branch 1.x)
  • PyQt -- Qt for Python (for branch 2.x)
  • pySerial -- serial bus access for python
  • pybluez -- bluetooth python wrapper (linux and Windows)
  • lightblue -- bluetooth python wrapper (MacOS)
  • Visual Python -- 3D Python project (optional, not used anymore in versions >= 2.1.7)



From sources:

$ python install --prefix=/usr/local

Debian/ubuntu packages are also available; just use dpkg to install them.


You first need to read this APP wiki page, and setup your Nokia device so the python 2.5 runtime is correclty installed.

For Papywizard v2, you need to install PyQt for maemo, instead of PyGTK. See here.

As maemo is based on gnu/linux, it is possible to install Papywizard through distutils tools (see previous section). However, it is easier to install the debian package. For that, just click on the package file name you want to install (from the download page).

Note: the catalogue has been removed.


No major problem, here. Just click on the installer, and follow the instructions.


Need some explanations.


No external configuration is needed; all parameters can be modified from the Papywizard Configuration dialog.

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